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A contrast between opposing values in Hard Times Essay Example for Free

A complexity between restricting qualities in Hard Times Essay The primary episode that includes the bazaar and carnival individuals that I might want to discuss, and that plainly shows the complexity between restricting qualities is on page 34 onwards. Mr Gradgrind, the total apex of truth in the book, goes to visit the Circus individuals to reveal to them that the whimsical Sissy Jupe can no longer go to the school. I have picked this occurrence as it includes a greater amount of the carnival characters than truly at some other time, furthermore the portrayal of the bazaar shows exactly how a long way from the world and estimations of actuality it is. The carnival is the best image for speaking to the option in contrast to all that is certainty in the book; the bazaar is viewed as a universe of puzzle and miracle nearly of enchantment and thought that totally conflicts with the possibility of realities. Gradgrind and Bounderby go to see Sissys father just to discover he has surrendered his little girl, it is then that Mr Gradgrind settles on the chance of taking Sissy to his own home, and teaching her in the methods of certainty from that point. Mr Bounderby and Mr Gradgrind get together during this time and have a meeting of feelings dependent on the reality and laws they have consistently followed, Gradgrind being milder on a fundamental level yet at the same time the reality machine now needs to take Sissy home, however Gradgrind can be heard to state No. I state no. I prompt you not. I state in no way, shape or form. He does this as he is the analogy for reality all through the book and to take somebody elses kid on as your own and show them the methods of certainty, when she has been carrying on with the life of extravagant for a long time appears to be foolish to Bounderby. Notwithstanding, while Gradgrind is having a discussion about the issue with Bounderby, the different individuals from Slearys organization bit by bit assembled from the upper locales The bazaar individuals are portrayed in this section as being amazing tenderness and silliness about these individuals, an extraordinary incompetence for any sort of sharp practice, and an untiring preparation to help and pity each other, meriting frequently as much regard, and consistently as much liberal development, as the consistently ideals of any class of individuals on the planet. Not at all like any semblance of Bounderby and Gradgrind, who can't be depicted as enthusiastic or energetic or anything of the sort downright hard realities Sleary in this part is the genuine rationalist on the thoughts of extravagant he even says it I set out the philothophy of the thubject when thay to you, Thquire, make the betht of uth: not the wurtht! This section obviously show the difference between restricting perspectives and qualities in Hard Times, the carnival shows a totally different world yet is illustrative of an entirely different arrangement of qualities the thoughts of extravagant are spoken to in the topics and scenes with the bazaar. The thing is with the bazaar is that it has practically illusory status things occur there that can't occur anyplace else and it gives off an impression of being a nearly hallucination, for instance The dad of one of the families was prone to adjust the dad of one more of the families on an incredible shaft. These are the things that you would just hope to find in dreams thus in this manner it is whimsical, a total differentiation to the thoughts of certainty showed all through the remainder of Hard Times. A genuine case of how far restricted to the thoughts of reality the carnival is happens on page 12 and 13 when, Mr Gradgrind the manager of realities and carrier of information to Thomas and Louisa Gradgrinds lives, gets them sat viewing the bazaar individuals, he takes the view that the carnival was terrible news, as it contradicts all that he represents Now to think about these drifters pulling in the youthful riffraff from a model school. He sees the possibility of the carnival so whimsical and outsider to him, he feels that to watch a bazaar demonstration is degrade himself or an accomplished youngster. It even says his own scientific Thomas humbling himself on the ground to get yet a foot of the elegant equestrian Tyrolean blossom act! This sentence shows what the contradicting esteems are completely in Hard Times, it is evident from the explanation that anything scientific or outright reasonable is contrary to the whimsical idea of blossom appears and such. Thomas when gotten doesn't dissent yet realizes that to comply with his dads standards he should [give] himself up to be brought home like a machine. That is unmistakably the method of certainty to be machine like, and that is the reason the carnival is such a decent restriction and image of everything reality isnt, Gradgrind censures bazaar like beliefs when he says for the sake of marvel, inertness and imprudence! evidently to dream or to be creative is apathetic in Gradgrinds books. Which is the reason the real manner by which Gradgrind has put together his existence with respect to is so affronted by the thoughts of extravagant as he doesnt like the idea of being considered as being not lethargic but rather that there can be different approaches to buckle down throughout everyday life. Gradgrind is so brimming with the possibility that realities are correct, that he even inquiries and accepts that with every one of these considerations at the removal they could settle on an inappropriate choice, when without a doubt it isnt an instance of good and bad? Simply contradicting perspectives and they do restrict one another! Gradgrind says however Thomas however I have the realities before me I think that its hard to accept that you with your instruction and assets ought to have carried your sister to a scene like this. This causes it to appear as if instruction should slaughter the creative mind, which obviously clashes with the perspectives on the bazaar, which accept that you should try sincerely and act throughout everyday life, except never let the fantasies pass on.

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How Shareable Content is Going to Revolutionize Your Business

How Shareable Content is Going to Revolutionize Your Business In 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled Content is King. In it, he posits that Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.And Gates wasnt wrong. According to some of the most recent statistics available in the field of content marketing and creation:90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content70% of consumers feel closer to a company as a result of content marketing60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brandsOnline marketing, including social media marketing, can revolutionize the way you spread the word about your business. Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash.However, there is more to creating great content than simply putting words on a page and publishing them online. In his exploration of the future of online content, Gates noted that, If people are to be expected to put up with tu rning on a computer to read a screen, they must be rewarded with deep and extremely up-to-date information that they can explore at will. They need to have audio, and possibly video. They need an opportunity for personal involvement that goes far beyond that offered through the letters-to-the-editor pages of print magazines.In his essay, Gates foretold the struggle of the print industry in that consumers have gravitated toward online consumption of news, books, and magazines. Beyond the added benefit of video and audio, online content is readily available wherever and whenever a consumer has the time and desire to access it. There is a reward for accessing content online and for the most part, its instant gratification.However, its this concept that is the secret to creating shareable content that will revolutionize your business. Your content needs to be rewarding for your audience to read, and it has to offer something they cant get from print advertising alone. It needs to encour age active involvement and engagement with a companys core philosophy and business goals and it needs to offer the reader something in exchangeâ€"important information to ease the stress of their daily lives, insider tips and how-to advice, or a story/idea that encourages or inspires them. They will, in turn, want to share this contentâ€"hoping it will help someone else as much as it has helped themâ€"and thats how a businesss reputation grows. This inspiring, educational, rewarding content is the kind of content that will prove to be king in your marketing efforts.The cost of content marketingIf your marketing budget is already stretched thin, it might be difficult to imagine the additional cost of paying content creators to help build your online audience. However, your marketing strategy could, in fact, need a complete overhaul because focusing more on shareable online content is going to help you in two ways. First, it will help you save money, since the latest statistics show t hat content marketing costs an average of 62% less than traditional marketing. In fact, per dollar spent, content marketing generates approximately 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. Second, its going to increase your leads, since statistics show that, on average, companies with blogs produce a 67% increase in leads per month.Buyer personaIf youre convinced its time to revolutionize the way you market your business, the first step you need to take to make the most out of content marketing is to create a buyer persona. A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your average customer, including demographics, education level, demands and purchasing habits. It provides an overview of the type of customer your content should engage and will help your content writers understand the audience they should be reaching, along with what appeals to that audience.Magazines and other publications do this same type of study to determine who their audience is, their media consumpt ion habits, and the type of stories that would be most appealing to their readership. Successful publications have fine-tuned exactly who reads their content and previously published content that has received the most positive response.In many cases, businesses will have several buyer personas to consider, meaning that there are multiple customer or client types to focus on for content marketing strategy. There might also be an negative persona, meaning a customer type you dont want to attract.Creating buyer personas can strengthen your online marketing strategy and help you pinpoint your audience. Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash.While they might sound complicated, buyer personas are easy to create, although it can be time-consuming to go through the process. In most cases, interviews are required (with former and current customers) and youll need to spend some time organizing and extrapolating the data from interviews when they have been completed. If you are feeling overwhe lmed with the idea, this article offers a detailed explanation of what a buyer persona is, how to create one, and a free template you can download and use in the process of doing so.Blogging for businessSo, now that weve established the power of content marketing and how to narrow it to the right audience, lets look at what goes into creating content that is shareable. As a general rule, you want to make sure the content your business publishes meets the following criteria:It should be high-quality, relevant and interestingIt should hold your readers attentionIt should improve customer loyalty to your business or brandThe good news is: If you can manage to meet the first two criteria, the last one will be a given. High-quality content that is interesting is the type of content your audience will want to share, whether through email or on social media. By doing so, your business name is connected to a positive message that makes someones day better, whether through helpful tips or re minders to slow down and enjoy the present moment. This kind of messaging strategy will automatically make your audience feel more personally connected to your business or brand.Some engaging content ideas include an article that:Spotlights an employee and his/her hobbiesTells the story of your companyOffers advice related to your companys product or service (for example, if you run a home-cleaning business, you might provide content on tips for keeping your home tidy during hectic times or best cleaning products on the market.)Breaks down complicated information or data from studies conducted that are related to your business or serviceDetails your companys involvement with a local charity or nonprofitOffers a fun contest, such as customer-submitted photos, essays, recipes, etc.Social mediaWhen it comes to increasing brand awareness and attracting more customers, you really cant beat the popularity and cost-effectiveness of social media marketing. The Pew Research Center found that nearly seven-in-ten Americans now use social media. Although social media is especially popular among younger adults (86% of 18- to 29-year-olds are social media users), adults ages 30-49 (80%) and 50-64 (64%) use social media, as well.Your content strategy on social media should be to share the many facets of your business with your potential, present, and future clients. It should present a well-rounded glimpse of what your business offers and the overall philosophy or worldview you embrace in your company culture. You can do this through a variety of different posts, including:Links to your recently (or previously) published blog articlesAnnouncements of special events or open houses for your businessSales, doorbusters, special offers or coupons your business is offeringContests with prizes (this is a great way to encourage your followers to share your post, especially if you make it a requirement for contest entry)Although social media content is part of your businesss overall content marketing strategy, its a separate entity and should be treated as such if you want to be successful at it. Doing it right requires creating an editorial/publication schedule ahead of time and keeping it on track. It also requires consistent monitoring to ensure your brand reputation isnt compromised by spam, foul language, or other potential issues.

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Is Alexander The Great Still Alive - 1353 Words

She used to take me for a ride up to the Mermaid because she was the one who would ask, Is Alexander the Great still alive? And I would have to answer, He lives and reigns, and conquers the world. Let s go to the me-maid, I asked very often from her. It was a small square with a fountain and a beautiful statue from white marble in the center with a shape of a mermaid. This was near the church of the Transfiguration. When we arrived at the creek, the stream that is at the height of Katsios’ Tavern, we stopped to listen to the frogs and we were laughing with their funny caws. The honeysuckle, or the khanum s hand as they called it, sti Poli (in the City) And when we detected a honeysuckle in some yard she used to ask, Do you know how they call otherwise honeysuckle, sti Poli (in the City of Costantinoupolis)? The khanum s (turkish woman) hand. Please, just have a look at this flower closely, isn t it like a little white hand? Polis, (the City), only with the hearing of that word grandmother was touched, but tried not to show it. When the story began, I looked closely to her eyes. They became watery immediately for Vosporos, Great Pera, Agia Sophia. A thousand and one, the words for the City. Costantinoupolis, Galata Bridge (Kara Keuà ¯), around 1900 A bridge has always had a leading role at this point. A bridge with contradictory personality. Bridges are made to connect two pieces of land, while the bridge in our history, was separating as boundary twoShow MoreRelated Alexander The Great Essay705 Words   |  3 PagesAlexander the Great On July twentieth, 356 B.C. Alexander the Great was born. His Father was Philip, the King of Macedonia. His mother was Olympia, daughter of the late King Epirus. Alexander was quite mature for his age. At 13 he started learning from Aristotle, he was trained with other children. It was at this time that he met Hephastion, his future best Friend. Aristotle gave Alexander training in rhetoric and literature and sparked his Interest in science, medicine, andRead MoreAlexander the Great Summary 16861 Words   |  4 PagesAlexander the Great Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia, conqueror of the Persian Empire, and one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Even at an early age, Alexander had the promise to become a great leader. Through all his victories and conquests, he has become a great hero and has had a large impact on history. That is why I chose he book Alexander the Great, by J.R. Hamilton for my review. Hamilton does a very good job with the story of Alexander the Great. The bookRead More Alexander the Great Essay833 Words   |  4 Pages Alexander the Great was born in June, 356 BCE in the ancient capital of Macedonia called Pella. He was the son of Philip II, King of Macedon and Olympia, Princess of Epirus. Alexander inherited his father’s excellent organization skills and his mother’s hot temper. When Alexander was a young boy his mother had taught him that Achilles was his ancestor and that his father is a descendant from Hercules. This inspired Alexander to learn the Iliad by heart and always carry with him. Alexander showedRead MoreA Report On Alexander The Great Essay1269 Words   |  6 PagesSynopsis I did my this day in history report on Alexander the Great. Alexander the great is known for many things. He was king of Macedonia, a military genius, and the greatest conqueror of all time-to name a few. Alexander was taught by many great minds, perhaps most responsible for his greatness was Aristotle. Alexander was given many hard tasks and tremendous responsibilities as a child and teen, which he carried out with ease. As an adult king, Alexander ruled over Macedonia and kept it safe fromRead MoreA Great Man Who Conquered, Then Created The Largest Empire1261 Words   |  6 PagesA great man who conquered, then created the largest empire in the ancient world had lived. Alexander the Great accomplished a lot in his short life conquering vast lands as well as spreading the Greek culture throughout Middle East also Asia. Alexander the Great has many accomplishments in his life, and changed history in more of a passive way than in a direct way because of his character and the accomp lishment he had built over his lifetime. Alexander the Great was born into royalty in MacedoniaRead MoreWhy Did Alexander Invade the Persian Territory1235 Words   |  5 PagesHST 225- 01-TRACEY MARTIN -042267773 â€Å"ALEXANDER THE GREAT AND THE HELLENISTIC AGE.† Why did Alexander invade the Persian territory? The question on why Alexander invaded the Persian territory has only been guessed at by historians in the past. The true reason why, may never be known. What is known however is the fact that Alexander had continued what many before him had done, invade the Persian territoryRead MoreThe Life Of Alexander The Great1264 Words   |  6 PagesThe Life of Alexander the Great There are many great conquers in the history of this world. Augustus Caesar, Atilla the Hun, Charlemagne, to name a few. But none of these quite measure up to Alexander III of Macedonia. Or, his more common title: Alexander the Great. He conquered much of Asia and the Persian Empire, and left a legacy that will not be forgotten. Alexander III was born in Pella, capitol of Macedonia, on July 20th 356 BC to Olympus, Princess of Epirus, and Philip II, King of MacedoniaRead MoreWhy Alexander the Great Was Great.1002 Words   |  5 Pageswithin the society. In fact, society is even apt of delineating the lives amongst it. However Alexander III, King of Macedon, Pharaoh of Egypt, Supreme Commander in Chief of all Greeks and Emperor of Persia, was not a follower. He was the person leading society; the moulder, the shaper. Through his instantaneous reaction and actuation, he was able to make to important decisions, and it was evident that Alexander was a large influence on his people through the observations of his unconditional courageRead MoreAlexander The Great Was A Young Leader1359 Words   |  6 PagesAlexander the Great was a young leader, with a very successful but very short life ahead of him. Alexander was born in Pella in Greece at the northern part of the country. He started his life at356 BC, and died at the very young age of 33 in 323 BC. After dying from causes that have not been proven yet many theories that he had died from Malaria, due to him being sick and having a very high temperature and fever 10 days leading up to the time he died. Alexander had a range of achievements and theRead MoreSimund Freud and The Treatment of Neurosis and Psychosis1001 Words   |  5 PagesHe died, but is his ideas still alive? In this paper, I will research the ideas and methods of Sigmund Freud as it pertains to the treatment of neurosis and psychosis. First, I will explain what psychoanalysis is, along with neurosis and psychosis. I’ll also go into how psychoanalysis came to be and describe the methods of psychoanalysis. Finally, I will use all my research to come up the answer on whether Sigmund Freud’s ideas and thoughts on psychoanalysis are still alive or just an out of date memory

A Guide to Compare and Contrast Essay Samples

A Guide to Compare and Contrast Essay Samples Now, let's take a close look at how to start your essay. Now the thesis statement can be produced, and the particular details can turn into the paragraphs. There are a lot of possible compare and contrast essay topics, and a number of them are tricky to perform. If it comes to compare and contrast essay, there are two major types of essay structures. To compose a high-quality paper, you've got to understand how to select your topic properly and utilize it to create a practical outline. Prior to starting any paper, you will need to get an understanding of the way to write it. Before you commence writing your paper, you should produce a topic (should you don't have one yet). A paper may contain over five paragraphs altogether based on the variety of subjects a student makes the decision to analyze. The background of your essay will greatly be based on the origin of the subject, which will help determine the structure and content. Every bit of writing will be created depending on your requirements and the criteria you provide. By getting compare and contrast essay help you are going to be in a position to file your essay in time and in the very best quality. When it can be simpler to write on a well-known topic, with a little bit of r esearch and organization, a writer can make an essay on a number of subject areas if assigned. Naturally, if you're on the lookout for healthier ways to devote your spare time, living in the country features tons of chances to go hiking, camping or fishing. On-line assistance from expert writers will help you save you a plenty of time. Thus, for something so short, it might be overlooked as not being as critical as other elements of the paper. Based on the writing task you have at hand, the situations that you may include in your comparative essay can fluctuate. The last section of your compare and contrast essay is as important, as the remainder of the work and you have to make certain you do your best when summing up everything you've discussed in your work. Another subject has to be connected with the first one and offer clear reference stressing how they are similar or various. Get the Scoop on Compare and Contrast Essay Samples Before You're Too Late The initial two se ctions of your paper following your introduction can cover both items that you're comparing and contrasting separately. If you opt to use such a procedure, you should provide only related and relevant information. The introduction has three essential elements. Any fantastic introduction is only an ideal start. The Fundamentals of Compare and Contrast Essay Samples That You Will be Able to Benefit From Starting Today You may use books, documentaries, videos, and newspapers to discover relevant information regarding the topics you're discussing. Before you begin, it's vital to choose topics that you truly know well. You should research your topic to select three claims. Research the 2 topics you've been given. Type of Compare and Contrast Essay Samples When writing any form of academic paper, an individual needs to be able to get familiar with the essentials of writing. To start with, in the same way as any other bit of academic writing, a comparative essay ought to have a goal. After the essay requires a large number of approaches to explore, it's important to understand how to organize it correctly in an effort to make sure easy reading. Writing a great essay requires a lot of time and efforts. Evidently, you may always opt to find the help of a fantastic essay writing service like HandMadeWritings. You're able to employ a professional essay writing service to complete your assignment in the very best quality. To be certain you relate all the information you've researched in a thorough fashion, you must adhere to the prescribed compare and contrast essay format by your professor or the academe. For instance, if you wish to write about two different historical figures, it makes sense to select two great artists in place of an artist and a politician. Things You Won't Like About Compare and Contrast Essay Samples and Things You Will A very good compare-and-contrast essay goes beyond a very simple listing of similarities and differences to earn a meaningful statement about a bigger topic. When you have finished the list of essential features of the subject, you want to range them depending on the value and choose whether analyzed matters have more similarities or differences. When you begin brainstorming and researching the subject, the odds are high you'll discover a wide collection of differences and similarities. Do no lengthier start writing till you've got a factor that the similarities or variations you will need to use assist to show. Compare and Contrast Essay Samples and Compare and Contrast Essay Samples - The Perfect Combination You have to keep in mind that such an essay is about presenting your point of view and backing it by reliable sources and data. If necessary, you can review how to compose a comparison or contrast essay in the former post. Try to remember it cannot be a single subject!

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My Struggle Essays - Roman Catholic Devotions, Scout Promise

My Struggle Since I was young, there have always been a struggle between my parents and I. This situation began when my father passed away when I was three years old. I have lived with my mother and Step-father ever since. Although I love them both, we do not always seem to see eye to eye on many issues. The cause of this is in part due to my wild nature. I like to stay out late and do things that if caught could get me in lots of trouble. I am under the impression that they resent my relationship with my grandmother. I like to stay often with my grandmother rather than at home, which they do not understand. I have stayed with my grandmother every weekend since my father became sick with cancer, in 1982. After my father passed away in 1983, I continued to visit her. My mother and stepfather both respect my father's mother a great deal, and would do anything for her. But they fail to see why I want to spend so much time with her. My grandmother is a large influence in my life. She has, and still does, so much for me. Nanny has always had a big heart for her family, but no one is as close to her as myself. Since I was two years old, my grandmother and I have gone out and done many things together. We have had many great memories together which I will remember for the rest of my life. We have gone out to eat, watched many baseball games togather, bone bowling, amd many other things. If my parents could only realize how strongly I feel about her and the time I spend with my her. I wish they could be a little more considerate of my feelings and not put me in the position that they often do. The relationship between my grandmother and I has been tested many times. As I was getting older, my parents would try to find things that would keep me from visiting her during the. They would find things such as mowing the lawn, washing cars, and doing house chores. These thing they know I hate to do, but they seemed to want them done anyway. Though they do not mind when I spend some time with my grandmother, they feel that I should spend more time with them. My senior year in high school was the time that they really were getting to me. Nanny broke her arm one day when she fell down in the kitchen. Since then I have moved in with her. They felt that this was a bad decision. I do love my parents dearly, but I felt that it was the best thing at the time. As of this day I do not regret the decisions that I have made in regards to spending time with my grandmother. I love and respect my parents, still but wish that they would not put me in the positions that they do. Since I began attending college, my parents have been a little more reasonable about the entire situation. This does not mean that they do not still give me a hard time. I just hope that by the time I finish with college they will understand how I feel, and not worry me about as much as they do.